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Criminal Background Check

​FBI Background Check
Licensing with the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy (“the Board”)
  • Every new applicant will be required to submit fingerprints to the Kentucky State Police (KSP) and pay for a state and federal background check.
  • The applicant will obtain a fingerprint card and follow instructions provided (see attached Fingerprint Instruction Sheet) to submit their fingerprints and payment ($33.25) to KSP. Checks are made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer and submitted with the fingerprint card to KSP. The Board will not be collecting or submitting fingerprint cards or payment on an applicant’s behalf.
  • We have been advised that it can take up to 6-8 weeks for the results to be returned to the agency. Therefore, we are advising exam candidates to submit their fingerprints at least 8-10 weeks prior to their anticipated NPTE exam date.
  • We suggest that endorsement applicants begin the fingerprinting process as soon as possible, and not later than 8-10 weeks prior to the date licensure is needed.
  • If an applicant has no criminal history returned to the Board, she/he will proceed with their application as before.
  • If an applicant has criminal history returned to the Board, she/he will be contacted and asked to provide further information to the Board for consideration.  The Board will then determine how to proceed.
  • The Board is not able to provide the criminal history report to anyone, including the applicant. If the applicant wants to be provided a copy of the report, requests may be submitted to KSP and FBI.  Similarly, there is a process with KSP and the FBI for contesting and/or correcting inaccurate information on the report.
  • To obtain your own copy of your FBI criminal history report.:  Several different options are available. You will have to get fingerprints taken again.
  • To obtain your own copy of your Kentucky criminal history report: Fill out and submit the “KSP Criminal History Review Request” form.  Click here for a copy of the form. The fee is $20.
  • Criminal background checks are valid for 6 months from the date of their receipt by the Board. Therefore, it is important for an applicant to be aware of timing with regards to submitting their background checks, taking the NPTE, etc.
  • An applicant will not be approved for testing with FSBPT, or licensure without a completed F.B.I. background check.
The Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy has the legal authority, KRS 327.310, to require a criminal background investigation of an applicant for licensure by requiring fingerprinting of the applicant.
 In accordance with FBI policy, please read the following information regarding the use and dissemination/restriction of the fingerprint report obtained from the FBI:
     “Under provisions set forth in Title 28, code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 50.12, both governmental and nongovernmental entities authorized to submit fingerprints and receive FBI identification records must notify the individuals fingerprinted that the fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI. Identification records obtained from the FBI may be used solely for the purpose requested and may not be disseminated outside the receiving department, related agency, or other authorized entity. If the information on the record is used to disqualify an applicant, the official making the determination of suitability for licensing or employment shall provide the applicant the opportunity to complete, or challenge the accuracy of, the information contained in the FBI identification record. The deciding official should not deny the license or employment based on the information in the record until the applicant has been afforded a reasonable time to correct or complete the information, or has declined to do so. An individual should be presumed not guilty of any charge/arrest for which there is no final disposition stated on the record or otherwise determined. If the applicant wishes to correct the record as it appears in the FBI’s CJIS division records system, the applicant should be advised that the procedures to change, correct or update the record are set forth in Title 28, CFR, Section 16.34.”