License Search

This search application will tell you if a license of a physical therapist or certificate of a physical therapist assistant is active and if it is in good standing with the Board. If there is a current or past disciplinary sanction, you may access a copy of the final action taken by the board since May 19, 2011 by downloading a copy from the website.
You may also request a copy of final actions taken by the Board or other legal documents on current and previous sanctions.  This request must be in writing, per the Open Records Law.  The final actions of the Board are public per 201 KAR 22:052 Section 5(2).
To use the License Search, enter a last name or a six-digit Kentucky number.
Physical Therapist as: 009999
Physical Therapist Assistants as:  A09999.

Need to verify a compact privilege? You may do so here:

: License Search