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Statutes and Regulations

A full version of Kentucky Revised Statutes and Administrative Regulations is available in its entirety.  Click Practice Act to view in PDF format (445 KB).
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Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 327

KRS 327.010 Definitions.
KRS 327.020 License required -- Exception -- Use of designation or name.
KRS 327.025 Obligation to report concerning practitioner's qualifications to practice.
KRS 327.030 State Board of Physical Therapy -- Membership -- Qualifications -- Vacancies.
KRS 327.040 Duties and powers of the board.
KRS 327.045 Impaired physical therapy practitioners committee - Purpose - Assessments to support functions - Immunity of member - Privileged information - Annual report.
KRS 327.050 Licensing provisions.
KRS 327.060 Licensing requirements for persons holding a license in another state and persons trained in a foreign country.
KRS 327.070 Administrative hearing -- Refusal to license or certify applicant.
KRS 327.075 Reinstatement of license or certificate -- Appeal.
KRS 327.080 Expenses of board.
KRS 327.090 Repealed, 1996.
KRS 327.100 Short title.
KRS 327.200 Duty of treating physical therapist utilizing telehealth to ensure patient's informed consent and maintain confidentiality - Board to promulgate administrative regulations - Definition of "telehealth".
•     KRS 327.300 Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.
•     KRS 327.310 Criminal background check required by Physical Therapy Licensure Compact​.
KRS 327.990 Penalties.

201 KAR Chapter 22 (Regulations)

201 KAR 22:001 Definitions for 201 KAR Chapter 22
201 KAR 22:010 Objectives of physical therapy
201 KAR 22:020 Eligibility and credentialing procedure
201 KAR 22:035 Change of name and contact information
201 KAR 22:040 Procedure for renewal or reinstatement
201 KAR 22:045 Continued competency requirements and procedures
201 KAR 22:052 Complaint procedure and disciplinary action of a credential holder or applicant
201 KAR 22:053 Code of ethical standards and standards of practice for physical therapists and physical therapists assistants  
201 KAR 22:070 Requirements for foreign-trained physical therapists
201 KAR 22:130 Per diem of board members
201 KAR 22:135 Fees
201 KAR 22:140 Funding of Impaired Physical Therapy Practitioners Committee
201 KAR 22:150 Impaired Practitioners Alternative Program
201 KAR 22:160 Telehealth