Compact Privilege

​​​​​​​Compact privilege allows you to practice physical therapy in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


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Notice of Proposed Rule Making PT Compact Commission June 2024 PTCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Public Comment

If you have a license in another state participating in the Physical Therapy Compact, you can access the webpage for FSBPT Compact Commission to purchase privileges for practice in the state of Kentucky without obtaining a separate license in Kentucky.  If your home state is Kentucky, you are able to purchase physical therapist privileges and physical therapist assistant privileges for other states participating in the Compact. ​

 ​Please note:

  • You must take the Jurisprudence Exam (JE) for Kentucky if you wish to purchase compact privileges for Kentucky.  Fill out a request form to take the JE online.  There is no additional cost for this exam.

  • Your privilege is tied to your home state license, and it expires when your home state license expires.