Payment Portal

​​​​Licensing Fees, Verifications, and all other fees for the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy may be paid in the Online Payment Portal located above.  Additional fees apply. 

Accepted forms of payment for first time applicants include: cashier’s check, certified check, or money order made payable to “Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy.

Personal checks will be accepted for payment of re-examination fees and from active credential holders for renewal.

Payment Portal

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PT/PTA Credential by Endorsement        $225
PT/PTA Credential by Examination         $225
PT/PTA Re-examination Fee                   $10
PT/PTA Credential Reinstatement          $225
PT/PTA Credential Renewal                  $190*
*The Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy has a fixed date renewal process. ALL credentials must be renewed between January 1st and March 31st of every odd numbered year, NO EXCEPTIONS. Credentials not renewed within this timeframe must be reinstated. The next renewal cycle will begin in January of 2021.)


Personal checks and all payment methods noted above are accepted.
Duplicate Wallet Card                                           $15
Duplicate Wall Certificate                                      $25
Licensure List (No Emails are provided)*             $150
Verification Request                                              $40
* Email addresses and telephone numbers are NOT included in the licensure list. No payment refunds will be made for licensure lists after they have been provided.